Overview and Quality Assurance

All Western Concrete Ltd. products are made at our computerized batch plant in Chilliwack to approved CSA standards of quality control and performance testing. Our environmental stewardship program also ensures that our manufacturing and production processes, and our recycling and waste management systems are impeccably maintained and support the best industry practices of a sustainable concrete plant operation.

Western Concrete is committed to quality control and scheduled testing, inspection and reporting across all stages of production.

Concrete Products, Additives, and Admixtures

Concrete Blocks

Western Concrete recycles their concrete to create multi purpose lock blocks that can be used to create retaining walls, sound barriers, and help form new landscaping.  Should the customer require a means of transportation for the blocks, our sales team can arrange for delivery.  Our blocks are a by-product of leftover concrete and as a result, available stock ranges in quantity.


The age of concrete purchasers being restricted to the same grey product has become a thing of the past.  Western Concrete Ltd. carries over thirty different pigmentations in stock with the option to special order a particular color if the customer so desires.  Our color concrete can result in beautifully textured concrete in any design imaginable.  Contact our technicians for a consultation.

Consult our technicians for information on Powder Release, also available in various colors and pigmentations.

Horizontal/Vertical Retarder

Applied to fresh concrete, horizontal and vertical retarders delay the set time of the concrete but should only be used for Exposed Aggregate Mixes.  Vertical retarder is applied to vertical surfaces while horizontal is used on horizontal surfaces.


Xypex is technologically designed to prevent the penetration of water or other liquids into the concrete.  When applied to the concrete mixture, this additive helps prevent freeze/thaw effects that result in cracking and benefits longer lasting concrete.


With a variety of different sized fibres available, Fibermesh® is applied to help reduce early-age cracking.  While the original application is to prevent cracking in the concrete, Fibermesh® also promotes uniform bleeding and helps make the concrete easier to finish.


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